Holy Tender Artist

New York, 

Spring 2020

to London, 

Present day

In the beginning, God created a girl born in the wilderness 

who had a heart far too tender for the wild world she had created in her mind. 

She roamed through cities, foreign places, beds of men who wanted a taste, 

and it was chaos, and her only way of surviving was turning it into art.


Holy Tender Artist tells the story of a scandalous, troublesome human 

who finally fell in love with herself. 

The songs are colors of fantasies, wild New York nights, 

a girl realizing she’s bored with the rich men society called interesting, 

admitting she’s stuck between falling too deeply in love 

while being addicted to the high of unavailable lovers,

a girl so torn apart by grief, she has no choice but to crack open the reflections of herself

and re-piece her story into a life she wants to live.

Drawing comparisons to Billie Eilish, Taylor Swift, and Olivia Rodrigo, Elena’s songwriting and singing has been praised for its vulnerability, sincerity, and freshness. Her 2021 self-released “Build a Ship” climbed to #2 on CBC Radio Top 20 Countdown (Canada), with following singles landing on major Spotify and streaming playlists (New Music Friday, Fresh Finds, etc..)

A true wordsmith and committed storyteller, Elena’s “Holy Tender Artist” came from late-night small-apartment conversations with herself. 

Wondering if she’d already lived too much life in her 26 years, questioning her artistic abilities, her place in the world as a divine woman, and realizing she breathed fire and screamed power only in an attempt to protect her fragile artist heart, she paused, 


And remembered she was just the story she told herself:


The story ended with, 

“You’re still Holy, you’re still Tender,

 and no matter how much you try to escape it, 

you’ll always be an Artist”